The Anthem Project

Tell me your story, be beautifully vulnerable and open. In return, I will write and produce an Anthem for you – a song with what you need to hear at this point in your life, and feature you on the podcast.

The Experience of Getting an Anthem

“Maria knows how to listen and connect to you and understands what kind of person you are in such a short amount of time. I didn’t know I needed that song! It brightened up my day and totally melted my heart. The words were so inspiring and encouraging! I loved how she sang the song and put the melodies together! I feel like it totally resonates with the person that I am and what I am learning and going through in my life.” – Raeann Krugger

Her Anthem is called “Stand Up” Episode 5; “Stand Up” Raeann!

The overall experience was so cool! Maria [has] such a talent for making people feel seen and heard. It was clear that [she was] listening to what I was saying and listening to the songs I was providing to really get a sense of who I am and what I love…The reveal of the anthem was also cool -This song is a great reminder for me of my ideal state, or my ideal mindset. It’s something that I’m going to be able to play every day, but especially on days where I feel like I’ve lost my ideal mindset and need to get it back.” -Allie Bowes

Her anthem is “Play”

Episode 2: Let’s “Play” Allie!

The process Of Getting Your Anthem

The Interview

Hello! You will meet with me over zoom, and over the course of an hour, I will interview you. These questions are intimate and meant to open you up! This process is based on trust, and the more you trust me and the process, the better your anthem will be. This interview may or may not be recorded to use for the podcast – your decision!

The Playlist

I want to get to know who you are, both as a person, and both as a listener and lover of music! You will submit 3-5 songs you love, and based off these songs and the interview, you will receive a curated playlist filled with music you should listen to and enjoy while the writing and production happens!

The Anthem

We will meet one more time over zoom to receive your anthem! This is a recorded session that will air on our podcast. I will ask you some general questions to build up to listening to your anthem, and then we will listen together and see how it goes!

Learn more about the anthem project

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It was such a powerful and unexpected feeling hearing the song Maria wrote for me. She not only wrote a beautiful song but the lyrics were so personal and moving. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to be inspired. Made me cry with joy.” – Nancy Barrett

“Maria was easy to speak with and very personable. She easily had me telling my own story in a perfect way. It was a very special experience. The first time [I listened to the song] I thought Maria has nailed it. Then as I listen to it more I cherished it even more.” – Melanie Mathews

Maria was very easy-going, encouraging and fun to work with. She has a sweet, soft heart and you can tell she cares about her work…I take the song as an anthem to excite and drive me forward.” -Erin DeFazio

“I was blown away by the lyrics, melody and vocals! The song spoke to me on such a deep personal level. Everything about it is so beautiful! I felt seen and understood. I cried and felt completely exposed. It was as if inner truths were silencing the fear and lies that hold me back from being fully alive.” – Angie Adwin

Let’s make something beautiful together.