The Anthem Project

The Anthem Project is a podcast on a mission to tell the stories of remarkable people and celebrate them through music. We write custom anthems for the people on our podcast and use music to uplift our community. Season 2 of our podcast will premier February 5th!

I love writing music for people – it’s the best experience to be able to connect with another human on such an intimate level and help them express themselves in song! Interested in commissioning a song from me via The Anthem Project? Let me know!

What People Are Saying about their anthems

“It was such a powerful and unexpected feeling hearing the song Maria wrote for me. She not only wrote a beautiful song but the lyrics were so personal and moving. I would recommend her to anyone wanting to be inspired. Made me cry with joy.” – Nancy Barrett

“Maria was easy to speak with and very personable. She easily had me telling my own story in a perfect way. It was a very special experience. The first time [I listened to the song] I thought Maria has nailed it. Then as I listen to it more I cherished it even more.” – Melanie Mathews

“I was blown away by the lyrics, melody and vocals! The song spoke to me on such a deep personal level. Everything about it is so beautiful! I felt seen and understood. I cried and felt completely exposed. It was as if inner truths were silencing the fear and lies that hold me back from being fully alive.” – Angie Adwin