Love Notes In The Making: Note #3

We are in the final stretch! May the stress and anxiety levels raise through the roof!

The inevitable end of summer marks time. For 3 consecutive months, this album has been incubated in my home, in the studio, has grown with the help of friends, and the support of family and community. Anna Mancl (Cello/Piano/Vocals) and Drew O’Niell (Viola/Trumpet/Professional Whistler) have helped make this music come to life, and I couldn’t be more grateful to them! We all set aside time this summer to make this album, and it’s been a really special experience. As summer ends, my time with my dear friends also runs out.

Getting to work with Anna and Drew on this has been the best thing – these two are heroes, working hard to make this music so much more than I could have ever imagined. We had a really fun recording day, and have set up another – just a week away!

The Kickstarter was very successful! It’s so wonderful and such a unique feeling to see that all of these people believe in me, likely more than I believe in myself! The stakes are high, and I don’t want to disappoint.

The end of summer also poses a lot of questions. Will this album really be in its completion in the fall? How will it be released? How do I make the best possible entrance in the music scene? Can I afford everything? What is the point?

The recent shootings in El Paso, Dayton, and Lawndale, the ridiculously sexist legislation on abortion and women’s health, the camps at the border, and the omnipresent knowledge that we are trashing our planet and will ultimately become our own destruction – all of these things have not gone unnoticed, and have weighed heavily on me. And yet I have chosen to devote my time and money into making music. It makes me feel helpless and a little selfish.

This album better be worth it.

I am so grateful to have the privilege, the resources, and the support to create something so vastly personal. Though I definitely have moments of deep sadness thinking about the world we live in, I am also reminded by many around me of the beauty and the art and the love that also exists. I am lucky to be a part of this artistic community, to add my voice to this mix of amazing human souls crying out for love, for kindness.

Grateful. Always grateful.