“Hauntingly sweet,” Sunflower Summit, is a Chicago Singer/Songwriter. Her ukulele and her voice are her musical tools of choice. Through them, she hopes to inject a little more kindness into the world, and maybe a dash of human connection, too. Influenced by classical, folk, and pop genres, Sunflower Summit’s playful, rhythmic riffs accent her lilting soprano tone, infusing color to her image-driven lyrics. The name “Sunflower Summit” comes from a love for community and flowers; sunflowers are her favorite flowers, and the word summit refers to a space where many meet. So come – join Sunflower Summit’s journey to her debut record, Love Notes.

Couch Tour 2019: FAQ

Love Notes in the Making: Note #1

Love Notes in the Making: Note #2

July | August

July 19th | Couch Tour

Skokie | Message for Details

July 21st | Uncommon Ground Edgewater

7:00pm | $10 Cover: Reserve a Table | Kacie Sweirk | Monaco & Almeda

July 24 | Artists that spark

Kaleidoscope Fundraiser | 7-9pm | $20 (with meal) | Tix Here

July 26th | Couch tour

Oak Park | Message for Details

August 10th | Uncommon ground lakeview

8:00pm | $10 Cover: Reserve a Table | Cassidy Rae | Asia



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